Welcome friends (that’s you) to my world.  My name is LT.  I am a cat of course but I must admit this is my first blog and I am nervous.  In fact, I only slept 17 hours yesterday (not a lot for a cat).  A woman that works for me named Alice (she calls herself my owner – ha!) thought I might have insomnia, worms, or maybe was becoming too human – yuck! Anyway, all of my friends – that’s you and my animated friends – are going to have some fun and maybe even learn a thing or two!!

Enjoy watching the music videos – one cat named Cindy is very special to me as you will see!!!  We have lots of other things in the works too: we have a cat named Boots that is a scientist and will do some experiments that my friends (you) and parents can do at home, I will do some dance instruction videos, Lily will do some work-out videos, and we have lots more videos with music that will take you around the world, tell you about some history, and will be just good fun!!  Also, you will be able to upload videos of your pets (I mean the animals you work for) and might even win some cool stuff for it.  You might even be able to take care of a virtual pet yourself – someone has to clean the cat’s boxes right? Plus, I look forward to personally hearing from each of you!!  We have lots of stuff planned but be patient because I do need 20 hours of sleep a day normally. 

Your Friend