Pretty Litter Cat

LT here.  Well, let’s talk about cat litter.  Let’s face it – my friends and I know a lot about litter.  We definitely are selective when we hit the box.  Odors, clumpability, feeling between our toes, dust, etc. are important to us cats.  They are also important to humans that work for us along with scoopability and price.  Yes, litter boxes play a big role in both cats’ and humans’ lives.

Today, I am going to look at one product – Pretty Litter.  Also, here is a shout-out to Mallory Crusta that also did a review at All About Cats.  Excellent job Mallory.  I shared your review with some of my friends and I have tried it myself in several of the boxes I have the humans fill up and clean for me and my friends.  The hard part was getting the humans to go buy some.  But cats are able to make humans think that the humans thought of an idea (a bit of mind control).  Among cats, we know how to easily control what humans think – isn’t it obvious?

So, let’s get into the Pretty Litter (figuratively of course).  When I need to hit the box the first thing I notice is the scent.  Have you ever noticed that as soon as a human puts in fresh litter a cat jumps in and goes?  Yes, being first in the box is a big deal! Of course, I may not be the first to use it but I am ok as long as it still has a fresh smell.  I agree with Mallory on the 10 out of 10 for scent!  The aroma is very enjoyable and that’s not always the case with scents that humans like.  Take wet cat food.  We love the scent big time but humans not so much so there you go.  Don’t even get me started on catnip!  Just thinking about it gets my heart rate up!

Ok, moving on to dust.  I give Pretty Litter a 7 (I know Mallory gave it an 8) but a 7 is a very high mark from me for dust.  Remember, I am the one kicking it up so I am getting dust in my sensitive nose each time.  I know every litter talks about being virtually dust-free but have you seen the cloud that rises up when a human dumps some in?  It’s like a bomb went off!  So the dust thing for me is a bit more sensitive than for humans.

As for clumping, again I view it differently than humans.  Humans like the clumping but cats like litter they can toss around – especially out of the box.  Of course, the problem is that used litter is not easy to toss around.  Pretty Litter is non-clumping, which is fine with me. I will say that Pretty Litter scoops easily so if a human is reading this then you will likely be happy and give it a 10 like Mallory.  If a cat is reading this then know that it is more fun than other litters that get clumps as long as humans scoop it often enough.

What about the price?  Who cares!  There is no amount of money that is too much to spend on a cat or any other animal for that matter!  Luckily cats don’t worry about money – we leave that up to our accountants (i.e., humans) to worry about.  Just think of the hours of pleasure humans get watching us sleep and it is clear that money is no object!  Of course, most of us will purr at the right moments so that goes a long way too. 

Mallory mentions some pros and cons of Pretty Litter.  I went online and signed up for the monthly subscription.  Of course, the humans that work for me are wondering why the litter shows up at the door but they have come to like that so no problem there. 

I did notice that one time when I hit the box the litter changed color.  I did a bit off at the time.  Next thing I was at the vet and got some medicine.  Feeling better now.  Not sure what that was all about but I do appreciate that my workers care about me.

One thing that Mallory lists as a con is a price – over $3 a pound.  As I mentioned, to a cat this is a pro because cats know that means higher quality.  Also, it is a clear indication of how much our human workers care about us.  Plus the difference in prices is usually less than a latte so come on – do not let your cat see you drinking a latte and buying cheap litter or cat food!  You may find your curtains or couch shredded – and for good reason!

I wanted to mention the lightweight litter while we are on the topic.  I do find that to be very cat friendly – easy to pick up and flick around.  I know it must be difficult to carry around those heavy containers so I fully understand the need for a lighter weight. 

As always, let me know any thoughts you have.  I will be happy to respond to them and/or pass them on to other cats.

Well, I have to hit the box now so bye!