Cat Names

LT here.  Being a cat, I am often asked by people what they should name their cat.  I am going to start by listing top boy cat names.  Then I’ll give you some that I like – whether on the list or not.

Top Boy Cat Names (here are some that I like that fall in the “Cool Cat” category):

  • Benny – #2 on the list.  Cool name and you can call his siblings Jet 1, Jet 2, etc. Then you’ll have Benny and The Jets.
  • Cooper – #4.  An English name that means barrel maker – go figure.  Anyway, I just like the sound.
  • Cosmo – #5. OK, you gotta like that one! Most cats mystify people – like the cosmos do.
  • Euclid – #7. Greek name that denotes glorious. Maybe every cat should be named Euclid!
  • Jasper – #12. The name is English and it means treasurer (makes no sense to me) but I do like the sound – a cat named Jasper must be fun!
  • Max – #15.  Max is the most common dog name (dogs don’t know that I think) so it is simply cool to name your cat the most common dog name.  When you call your cat a dog might come running.
  • Ramses – #19.  It’s an Egyptian name – he was the son of Ra – some famous Egyptian king I think.  Anyway, Egyptians thought cats were gods – nothing more needs to be said.  We cats have not forgotten that.
  • Sage – #20. If you have a cat that is wiser than you (most cats are) then Sage is a good name – be sure to take his advice!!

LT’s cool names (now for some names that I like – whether or not they are common):

  • Spike – a cat named Spike is going to be a handful so be careful
  • Dimitry – I like the sound and he will be calm and friendly
  • Poindexter – come on, has to be smart!
  • Grey Kitty – ok, it’s very descriptive but just think if you name your tan cat Grey Kitty.  It’ll drive the humans crazy!  Pick any color!
  • Gator – I suppose he should have a strong bite for that one but don’t test him.
  • Wentworth – again, must be intelligent and calm.
  • Ulysses – a hero in ancient Greek literature!  He’ll be your hero too!

Ok friends, neighbors and countrymen I hope you enjoyed the names and had some fun with them!  You are welcome to email me with some names that you like.  I can let other people know about them in an upcoming blog.  Also, let me know if there are any names I listed that you use.